The Rec is a training facility dedicated to the enhancement of baseball/softball skills and the physical well-being of Southern Illinois athletes. The educational center operates under the auspices of Rend Lake College and offers professional instruction from members of the Warrior baseball staff.

Features of The Rec at Rend Lake College, located in close proximity to playing fields on the Ina, IL campus, include:The Hitting Zone

  • A stran-steel and brick building (80' x 100') w/ artificial-turf surface throughout, office space, locker room, restrooms and storage
  • 2 Retractable Batting Cages
  • 2 Pitching Mounds
  • Videotaping and Viewing Room
  • Observation Deck for parents and guests
  • Accessibility to RLC Aerobics Fitness Center and Jimmy J. Fulks Aquatics Center on-campus
  • The Rec serves as both an indoor training complex for Warrior and Lady Warrior intercollegiate athletic teams and a useful, much-needed facility to help promote community involvement by improving the quality of play by in-district youth and others.

Initial funding for this project comes from the Rend Lake College Foundation. Revenue generated from individual instruction and hitting/pitching clinics goes toward paying off the debt and the ongoing cost of operation.

Hitting Instruction

  • Preparation (proper bat size/weight, warm-up, etc.)
  • Mechanics (stance, stride, etc.)
  • Execution (including bunting, hit-and-run, et al)
  • Mental Approach / Attitude
  • Pitch Selection
  • Hitting with power / opposite-field / switch-hitting

Pitching Instruction

  • Preparation (stretching/flexibility drills, warm-up, etc.)
  • Mechanics
  • Arm and Leg Strength / Lower and Upper Body
  • Attitude (mental approach)
  • Grips for various age-appropriate pitches

Additional Instruction

  • Fielding ~ Infield / Outfield
  • Catcher, First Base or any other position
  • Throwing and Catching 4 Baserunning / Sliding
  • Attitude
  • Baseball rules
  • When videotaping is requested, player keeps the tape for later home viewing and study


$30 per hour for 1 player / $25 per hour for 2 players (must pay two lessons in advance)

Rentals of The Rec: Contact us for pricing and availability.



To determine the type of instruction best-suited for your individual needs and to schedule an appointment, individuals are encouraged to contact Tyler O'Daniel, Director of The Rec, at (618) 437-5321, Ext. 1279, or email to  . The goal of The Rec professional staff is to provide 1-on-1, small-group and/or team hands-on training, which should help young players achieve a higher level of achievement and potential on the competitive ladder.

Seasonal Hours of Operation May Vary

Weekdays 4-9 PM
Saturday 9 AM-4 PM (Closed June, July, & August)
In-Season Hours TBA (March, April, May, August & September)