INA, Ill. (March 18, 2013) – Rend Lake College Culinary Arts will host its first-ever Warrior Showcase from March 20 to May 10 in the RLC Student Center. It is perhaps the most thorough, hands-on experience ever introduced to students in the popular program at the college in Ina.  
    The Warrior Showcase will run like a restaurant. Rend Lake’s fantastic learning lab facilities make this possible with a bi-level kitchen and complete dining room. Students will work in all roles – from executive chef, sous chef and more in the kitchen, preparing dishes from appetizers to desserts; to Maitre D’, server and runner, overseeing the front of the house and making sure customers have a great dining experience.
    “These are students in our Banquet and Dining Room Management, and Restaurant Operations classes,” explained RLC Culinary Arts Lead Instructor Robert Wilson. “Their training up to this point has prepared them for this test and I can’t wait to share the experience with them.”
    Wilson and fellow faculty members Jeff Fairbanks, Brad Stout and Nicole Black will supervise the students and identify training moments along the way.
    “The college has offered community members a wonderful fine dining series in years past,” Wilson said. “The Warrior Showcase takes that one step further as students take the order from the floor to the kitchen and it is then prepared for the customer. This is the complete experience in operating a restaurant. Our students managed a budget to prepare this menu that I think will gratify a wide range of patrons.”

RestOpStudent12mBE OUR GUEST - Travis Arnold, a former student in Rend Lake College’s Culinary Arts Program, gets ready for one of the college’s fine dining events last year. Students in the program are putting things in gear for the Warrior Showcase, a must-taste dining experience that runs March 20 through May 10. Reservations can be made by calling 618-437-5321, Ext. 1714.
    Guests have a choice of
        1. Chicken & Bacon Satay includes juicy bite-size chicken wrapped in bacon on a skewer, then brushed with our homemade Teriyaki sauce and grilled to perfection;
        2. Goat Cheese Crostini two of our homemade crostinis with a generous spread filled with pine nuts, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes; and
        3. Sweet Potato Croquette served with a creamy, tangy coconut green curry sauce.
    Soup and salad:
        1. Tomato Basil is our signature tomato basil soup served with homemade herbed croutons;
        2. Soup Du Jour (See Server);
        3. House Salad is a wonderful lettuce spring mix with tomato, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, & herbed croutons with a choice of dressing from Orange / Blackberry Vinaigrette, Ranch, Italian, or White Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil Cruets; and
        4. Spinach Salad is a bed of spinach with egg, mushrooms, red onions, croutons, topped with warm bacon vinaigrette.
        1. Grilled Quail on a Sweet Potato Waffle is a whole grilled quail resting on top of a sweet potato waffle served with sweet maple sauce, dried cherries, and toasted pecans;
        2. Stuffed Pork Filet Mignon is a pork filet stuffed with a mix of fresh and dry fruits, fresh herbs and feta cheese, and wrapped with bacon, pan-seared and finished with a beurre blanc sauce;
        3. Smoked Cheese & Pasta with Scallops is sautéed scallops atop our unique style of mac and cheese;
        4. Philadelphia Stuffed Peppers is a bell pepper fully stuffed with grilled sirloin strips and melt-in-your-mouth provolone cheese;
        5. House Ground Steak Slider Burgers are hand-ground steak seasoned with our special seasoning and served on a fresh baked bun and topped with bacon and provolone cheese;
        6. Portobello Vegetable Strata is a colorful blend of vegetables topped with a fresh tomato sauce and provolone cheese; and
        7. Daily Special (See Server).
        1. twice-baked sweet potato;
        2. sautéed green beans with almonds;
        3. parmesan mashed potatoes;
        4. tarragon-glazed carrots;
        5. rice pilaf; and
        6. hand-cut fries.
        1. lemon cheesecake with raspberry sauce;
        2. apple pie A La Mode with salted caramel;
        3. Granny Smith Apples baked in a home-made crust served with vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirl;
        4. New Orleans style bread pudding served warm with a bourbon caramel sauce.
    The Warrior Showcase is open Wednesday through Friday, from March 20 to May 10. It will be closed for Good Friday. To make a reservation, call 618-437-5321, Ext. 1714.
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