INA, Ill. (October 18, 2022) — Rend Lake College Theater Professor, Tracey Webb, is proud to announce the cast for the upcoming fall play, Aladdin. The show was written by William Glennon in 1956, predating the Disney version with which so many people are familiar. In fact, there is strong speculation that the monkey role of "Abu" was inspired by Glennon's monkey character called "Tootle-le-toos." And there are two genies in this version of the ancient tale from 1,001 Arabian Nights: the Genie of the Ring and the Genie of the Lamp. This family-friendly show is a fantastic opportunity to introduce children to live theatre.

"This play is going to be so much fun to watch! The pace of the dialogue is quick, and the plot is hilarious," said RLC theater professor and director Tracey Webb. "There is dancing, action, and romance galore, provided by my incredibly talented cast and crew. I am so lucky to get to work with these wonderful people!"

"Everyone in this cast has put so much hard work and heart into their roles and the show as a whole," stated stage manager Taylor Wilburn. "Come watch this hilarious show and see how much our actors shine on stage!"

Front row (L-R) -  Whitlee Sheffer (Benton), Daven Ort (Mt. Vernon), and Mattie Loucks (Benton).
Second row (L-R) - Alyssa Sawyer (Ewing), Isaiah Shrum (Mt. Vernon), Piper Chambers (Benton), Conner Teriet (Mt. Vernon), and Deborah Petitt-Loucks (Benton).
Third row (L-R) - Jayme Soldan (Sesser), Imogen Perry (Zeigler), Seyah Schernekau (Mt. Vernon), Korben Cox (Benton), Ella Tinsley (McLeansboro), and Olivia Edmonds (Valier).
Fourth row (L-R) - Olivia Drew (Benton), Jordan Johnson (Norris City), Ethan Bevis (Mt. Vernon), and Caleb Qualls (Sesser).
Fifth row (L-R) - Ethan Wisehart (Texico), Bryne Lassy (Benton), and Logan Smith (Benton).
NOT PICTURED: Taylor Petitt (Marion)


Darkana Nightglade, Imogen Perry, Buckner

Zorah, Daven Ort, Mt. Vernon

Mother, Ella Tinsley, McLeansboro

Toodle-de-toos, Piper Chambers, Benton

Serena, Olivia Drew, Benton

Bulmar, Caleb Qualls, Sesser

Aladdin, Korben Cox, Benton

Friend 1, Ethan Wisehart, Texico

Friend 2, Logan Smith, Benton

Merchant 1, Bryne Lassy, Benton

Merchant 2, Alyssa Sawyer,  Benton

Merchant 3, Jayme Soldan,  Benton

Genie of the Ring, Conner Teriet, Mt. Vernon

The Grand Wazier, Jordan Johnson, Benton

The Princess, Seyah Schernekau, Mt. Vernon

Palace Guard 1/Kitten carrier, Bryne Lassy, Benton

Palace Guard 2, Logan Smith, Benton

Palace Guard 3, Ethan Wisehart, Texico

Genie of the Lamp, Isaiah Shrum, Mt. Vernon

The Sultan, Ethan Bevis, Mt. Vernon

Princess Attendant 1, Taylor Petitt, Marion

Princess Attendant 2, Alyssa Sawyer, Benton

Princess Attendant 3, Jayme Soldan, Benton

Princess Attendant 4, Olivia Drew, Benton

Princess Attendant 6, Olivia Edmonds, Valier

Princess Attendant 7, Whitlee Sheffer,  Benton

Princess Attendant 8, Mattie Loucks, Benton

Technical Crew:

Director, Tracey Webb, Ewing

Stage Manager & Choreographer, Taylor Wilburn, Benton

Set Designer, Damien Wilburn, Benton

Choreographer, Deborah Petitt, Benton

Asst. Choreographer, Josephine Barton, Mt. Vernon

Lighting Designer, Jaron Hubbard, Christopher


Thursday, November 3 - Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 7 PM
Sunday, November 6 @ 2 PM
All tickets are $12 and are reserved.
Tickets may be ordered early by calling the RLC box office @ 618-437-5321 Ext. 1467

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