INA, IL (March 22, 2022) – Several local professionals and business owners met with Rend Lake College faculty and staff recently during the college’s Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee meetings.

The meetings covered nearly 30 different programs that fall within RLC’s CTE curriculum. The Advisory Committee members are instrumental in helping the college assess and counsel each program with what could benefit RLC graduates in the workplace. They also provide insight on what each field is looking for in future employees and colleagues.

Award 1

Doug Harry, left, was recognized as the Advisory Committee Member of the Year. Pictured with Harry is Margo Wagner, Dean of Community and Corporate Education.


Award 2

RLC Computer Science Professor Brad Helm, left, presents Nathan Raley with the RLC Advisory Appreciation Award for his dedication to the Compter Programming Advisory Committee.


Not pictured but also recognized that night were Bennett Metal Products Inc. for the Presidential Award and Tammy Sartor for her dedication and service to the Radiologic Technology Advisory Committee.


CTE Advisory Committees

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Ag Advisory

AG Advisory Committee

Pictured in the front row (seated) from left: Colin Jones, Addison Page, Susan Graham, Casey Bolin, Mike Reichmann and Kathy Helmers. In the middle row, from left: Sean Payne, Caleb Harre, Terry Dagg, Kenzie Adams, Sara Allen, Dennis Epplin and Tim Charlton.  The back row, from left: Chris Friar, Zack Vahlkamp, Chad Nalley, Scott Cully, Phil Krieg, Eric Brevic, John Kabat and Ed Billingsley.


Auto Advisory

Automotive Advisory Committee

Front row from left: Shannon Perkins and Nigel Thompson. In the back row from left: Todd Rice, Al Martin, Eugene Talley, Dennis Dagg, Wes Monken and Garrett Howell.


Business Committee

Business/OFTC/Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee

From left: Ross Rubenacker, Sarah Bilderbeck, Lyanne Page, Brandon Bullard, Mark Jornd, Jonathan Ihrig, Joe Gliosci and Marty Davis.


 Criminal Justice Committee

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

In the front row from left: Dr. Julia Schroeder, Chief Trent Page and Sheriff Steve Bareis. Back row, from left: Sheriff Jeff Bullard, Ron Meek, Scott Peeples and Chief Deputy Blaine Uhls.


INEL Committee

Industrial Electronics & Maintenance Technician / Manufacturing Advisory Committee

Front row, from left: Charles Milt, Tonya Odum, Christy Carroll, Crystal Nussel and Tony Iriti. Back Row, from left: Chris Sink, Tena Studer, Paul Saylor, Matthias Vretschmer and Andrew Chambliss.


IT Computer Committee

IT/Computer Programming Advisory Committee

From left: Jordan Ronat, Chris Edwards, Martha McCreery, Nathan Raley, John Haywood and Brad Helm.


Visual Communication Committee

Visual Communication Design Advisory Committee

From left: Rick Linton, Jennifer Tarantino-Linsin and Amanda Mosler.


Welding Committee

Welding Technology Advisory Committee

From left: Pete Wilce, Jim Czerwinski, Julie Rohr and Mikey Meinert.


CTE Advisory Committee 1

From left: Charlotte Loss, Lisa Trail and Rita Willms.


 CNA Advisory

CNA Advisory

From left: Amber Fann, Nancy Kinsey and Whitney Winemiller.


Paramedic Advisory

EMT Paramedic Advisory

From left: Patsy Lipe, Dr. Scott Roustio, Kristina Lorenzini and Robert Hyman


Medical Coding Committee

Medical Coding 

Rose Thorton, left, and Lora Phillips.


Nursing Advisory


Front row, from left: Denise Griffith, Tracy Smith, Lucas Wolfe, Susan Wiley, Miranda Frisbie, Amber OHerron.

Back row, from left: Maret Visser, Debbie Hampleman, Gloria Przygoda, Heather Julian, Allison Reider and Diane Randall.


Radiology Advisory

Radiology Advisory

Front row, from left: Summer Hobson, Maleah Lynch, Bailey Hosick, Jenny White, Racheal Smith and Holly Heisner.

Back row, from left: Garrick McConnell, Jeff Blair, Lyndsey Epplin and Katie Warren.


Early Childhood Committee

Early Childhood Education

Front row, from left: Kim Lietz, Julie Tate, Christy Jean and April Hill.

Back row, from left:  Ashley Baldridge, Paula Schnicker-Johnson, Kristen Pentrowski, Rene Crouse, and Courtney Hatcher


Truck Driver Training Committee

Truck Driver Training Committee

From left: Les Marlow, Courtney Cook, Bruce Jung, Doug Harry, Taylor Wise, David Nordin, Rodney Summers



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