INA, Ill. (Sept. 15, 2020) — After touring the Aquatic Center and hearing from community members, the Rend Lake College Board decided Tuesday night to table an agenda item to repurpose the pool. 

Board Chair Randy Rubenacker said he appreciated the comments from the public and asked college officials to determine how much repairs would cost. 

"Before we make a major decision like this, I think we need to look at what it would take to put the pool back into original condition," he said. 

The Aquatic Center has been operating at a loss for more than a decade. A profitability analysis, provided by the Business Office, shows the Aquatic Center lost $1,122,469.90 in operating expenses over the past 11 years. Participation and membership numbers have not been robust enough to cover costs and the pool has lost more than $100,000 annually for the past six years. Constructed 23 years ago, the pool would also see significant expenses for repairs. The Aquatic Center has been closed since spring due to COVID-19.  

Bonds issued for new Allied Health building

The board approved the issuance of $5,525,000 in Debt Certificates to cover the costs of a proposal to construct a new Allied Health Building on the Ina Campus. This allows RLC to have the working cash needed to pay for the project’s expenses. In August, RLC received $5.3 million in funding through the Rebuild Illinois capital plan to construct the proposed 21,500-square-foot building.  

RLC is required by the Capital Development Board to match a portion of the project’s expenses. The board also entered into an agreement with Peoples National Bank to develop a trust account to hold RLC’s matching portion of $2,136,400 for the project.

The board consulted with Kevin Heid of Stifel, Nicolaus and Company, Inc. Rubenacker inquired about rates to refinance in the current market. Heid said it would keep the tax rate the same as it is now by simply refinancing at a low rate. Even with that it would still be an overall short term, due by December 2026, he added. 

Budget approved

Following a public hearing before the regular meeting, the RLC Board of Trustees approved the Fiscal Year 2021 budget for Rend Lake College. The budget was tentatively approved at the August meeting and was on display for 30 days before getting final approval.

Tax Levy

The RLC Board of Trustees approved a slight increase in the 2020 tax levy compared to 2019’s total. The levy will increase from $7,056,573 to $7,190,352 or 1.89%. The proposed taxes to be levied will be payable in 2021.

Academic Overpass update

The board approved seeking bids for improvements to the Academic Overpass, which is part of the Academic Building on the Ina Campus. The plan is to remove and replace concrete to improve drainage issues. Because the cost is expected to be more than $50,000, the board will seek competitive bids. The project will be paid for with Protection, Health and Safety funds.

Tenure awarded

Denise Griffith, Nursing Instructor, was granted tenure effective Jan. 4, 2021. Griffith has been an instructor at RLC for more than 18 years and RLC leadership highlighted her contributions to the college’s ACEN accreditation.

Marlo promoted 

Joseph Marlo will take on expanded duties as the Coordinator of Learning Enhancement and CTE Success Center. His previous title was Coordinator of CTE Success Center.

Barrett resigns

Logan Barrett resigned as Web and Social Media Specialist, effective Sept. 4, 2020.

Course Updates

The board approved several course changes to withdraw, reassign or withdraw current curriculum.

Inactive curriculum to be withdrawn, effective Oct. 1, include HECO 0001 Health Care Coach, HHA 0001 Home Health Aide, MLT 0067 Medical Laboratory Technology, OTA 0066 Occupational Therapy Assistant and VET 0148 Veterinary Technology.

HECO 1200 Introduction to Health Care will be reassigned to OCCUP 1799 Health Vocations Course.

HECO 1202 Health Care Terminology, ALH 1200 Introduction to Pharmacology, ALH 1201 Anatomy and Physiology Fundamentals and ALH 1202 Medical Law and Ethics will be reassigned to CMA 0002 Medical Assistant.

VET 1218 Veterinary Practice Management and VET 2231 Vet Tech Internship I will be reassigned to VET 0001 Veterinary Assistant.

The board approved the withdrawal of existing courses HECO 1201 Health Care Psychology and HECO 1203 Community Health Care. They also OK’d the development of MATH 2103 Business Statistics as an online course.

Election update

Two RLC Board of Trustee seats will be up for election next April. Candidates can begin circulating petitions Sept. 22 and those petitions need to be filed between Monday, Dec. 14 and Monday, Dec. 21.

The board also…

  • Approved updates to the professional development and performance evaluation, tenure of faculty members, and stipends policies.
  • Approved job description updates for student workers employed in the Athletic Department.
  • Approved an amendment to the college’s 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. The plan allows employees to make further retirement contributions to complement the SURS mandatory 401(a) retirement plans.

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