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The following Spring 2020 short-term classes are available for registration now through Rend Lake College and our Community & Corporate Education Division.

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CSCI 1243 Beginning Microsoft Word — April 20 - June 12 REGISTER

This is a beginning-level course in designing and creating documents in a Windows-based environment. Students will learn to create, print, edit and format documents. In addition, students will use spelling and grammar tools, manipulate tabs, create headers and footers and create footnotes and endnotes. A $30 eBook will be required. ($500) (3 Credits)

HEA 1101 Health Education — April 20 - May 15 REGISTER

Modern principles and practices of personal and community health are covered, with sufficient physiology and anatomy to make the study more understandable to the student. ($310) (2 Credits)

PSYC 2106 Human Relations - April 20 - May 15 REGISTER

This course will show that learning and then practicing good human relations will increase an understanding of yourself, the people around you and your relationship with them. It will teach you to cope effectively with relationships at work. ($465) (3 Credits)


Personal & Professional Development Courses - Online

ALH 1203 Career Exploration in Healthcare — April 20 - May 1  - or  -May 4 - May 15

Students will explore a variety of health care occupations as they relate to students' interests, abilities, and skills. The course provides a personal assessment, self-evaluation, and multimedia approach, and enables students to make informed choices about the healthcare career that best suits them. (Free) (0.5 Credits) 

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CNA 1604 Nursing Aide Skills — April 20 - May 1 (Free)  - or - May 4 - May 15

This course is designed for students entering the RLC Nursing Program or those who want to review skills prior to CNA recertification. Students will review 21 skills and demonstrate competency. (Free) (0.5 Credits)

CNTED 1690 Delegation Made Easy — May 4 - May 15  

Ever wonder how some people accomplish more in the same amount of time? Do you truly like to delegate? Learn the basic concepts to build a strong relationship of delegation, ways to overcome your fears of delegation, and how delegation motivates others to help everyone succeed. All materials will be provided in the course. 8 CPDUs ($40) (0.5 Credits)

CSCI 1616 Numbers! Data! Charts Oh My! — May 11 - May 22  

Introduction to Excel can make those words seem less frightful. This is a very introductory course about the following topics: navigating a worksheet; creating a workbook with multiple worksheets; creating simple formulas; arranging and organizing data, and other topics. All materials will be provided in the course. 8 CPDUs ($10) (0.5 Credits)

CNTED 1611 Servant Leadership — May 18 - May 29 REGISTER 

Being the best for your employees is making them the best they can be! When you succeed, they succeed. Learn how to manage, empower, and succeed through true servant leadership. 8 CPDUs ($10) (0.5 Credits)

CULA 1206-L1 Culinary Arts: Canning Made Simple — June 8-19 REGISTER 

This course is an introduction to safe preserving processes. You don’t have to stay six feet away from plants! Learn a safe way to make your garden vegetables last all year. (Free) (0.5 Credits)


CULA 1206-L2 Culinary Arts: Food Dehydration — July 6-17 REGISTER 

Learn all about dehydrating your food safely, save space in your freezer and weight in your cabinets. This class is especially good for hikers and outdoorsmen who want to lighten their load and eat nutritiously. (Free) (0.5 Credits)


COSM 1234-L1 Skin Care Basics — June 15-22 REGISTER 

This course will introduce students to basic skincare techniques including personal hygiene, cleanliness, moisturizers and proper makeup application techniques. (Free) (0.5 Credits)


CNTED 1622-L1 Rad Tech: Image Production — June 15-26 REGISTER 

This course will provide a review to enhance the skill and knowledge of Radiologic Technologists in the content areas regarding Image Production. Areas of discussion will include Image Acquisition and Technical Evaluation, as well as equipment operation and quality assurance. The course will encompass the content categories covered in the Continuing Qualification Requirements posted by the ARRT. ($15) (0.5 Credits)

CNTED 1622-L2 Rad Tech: Safety Highlights — July 13-24 REGISTER 

This course will provide a review to enhance the skill and knowledge of Radiologic Technologists specifically in the content areas regarding safety. Areas of discussion will include Radiation Protection, Radiation Physics and Radiobiology. The course outline will encompass the content categories covered in the Continuing Qualification Requirements posted by the ARRT. ($15) (0.5 Credits)


COSM 1234-L2 Hair Care Basics — July 13-20 REGISTER 

This course will introduce the student to basic hair care techniques such as personal hygiene, shampooing and conditioning, scalp care, and hairstyling. (Free) (0.5 Credits)


UAS 1600-L1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems — June 8-July 3 REGISTER 

This course will examine current FAA guidelines on the flight of sUAS in National Airspace, including all applicable federal and state laws. A section on test preparation will ensure students have the knowledge to pass the required FAA Knowledge Exam with a sUAS rating. ($20) (2 Credits)



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