RLC hosts Kick Start Your Journey

INA, Ill. (March 11, 2020) — Local freshmen and sophomore high school students got a firsthand look at some of the essential college basics they will need to tackle the next chapter of their lives at Rend Lake College’s Kick Start Your Journey event.

The annual event brought hundreds of students from local high schools to tour the campus, go through different college workshops and take a trip through the “Reality Store.” There, the Wheel of Misfortune showcased some of the harsh realities life can throw your way such as an unexpected hospital stay and medical expenses.  

Kickstart1Benton High students Kaylee McInturff and Mia Wills have to pay for clothing and furniture on a trip through the “Reality Store” during Rend Lake College’s annual Kick Start Your Journey event. The event, for local high school students, teaches essential college basics like career choice, budgeting and financial aid.

It wasn’t all unforeseen circumstances the students had to budget around. They were given a certain amount of dollars (in the $1,800 to $7,3000 range) based on their career and had to make purchases based on the income. Everyday expenditures like groceries, housing, transportation, clothing, healthcare, entertainment, technology and insurance were factored in.

Additionally, students got to learn about career choice, goal setting, dual credit and dual enrollment opportunities and financial aid. Students from Benton High School, Hamilton County High School, Woodlawn High School and NCOE High School were in attendance on Tuesday, and students from Sesser-Valier High School, Mt. Vernon High School, Pinckneyville High School and Webber High School were on campus Wednesday.

Kickstart2Woodlawn High student Sarah Pfister has to pay up after getting some bad medical news from the Wheel of Misfortune. Local high school students at Rend Lake College got firsthand budgeting experience when they went through the “Reality Store” during the college’s annual Kick Start Your Journey event.

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