RLC has plenty of studio art classes to offer in coming semesters

INA, Ill. (Feb. 14, 2020) — Want to brandish your creative side? How about taking on a new type of artistic challenge?

Rend Lake College offers a variety of studio art classes each semester that can help nurture your skills in many different mediums. And these classes are not just for students looking to pursue an art degree. Anyone interested in honing their talents is welcome to register. To learn more, or to register, visit rlc.edu.

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What’s coming this summer?

ART 1101 — Art Appreciation: This class allows students to gain an understanding of visual arts through several different mediums. Students will examine the role of the artist and complex aspects of art as a humanizing element.

ART 2121 — Introduction to Stained Glass: This hands-on class allows students to gain experience in the basics of stained glass construction in lead and copper foil. Designed for beginner students, the class also covers the history of glass cutting tools and supplies, pattern-making, cutting, grinding and soldering construction.

What’s coming next fall?

ART 1101 — Art Appreciation: See above description.

ART 1103 — Design I: This course teaches the basis for all types of art from drawing to commercial design. Students will be introduced to art’s formal elements of two-dimensional design through line, shape, space, texture, color and visual inter-relationships.

ART 1104 — Design II: A follow up to Design I, this course builds on those skills and takes on three-dimensional design with an emphasis on line, shape, space, texture and color.

ART 1105 — Drawing I: This introductory course teaches the basics of drawing with emphasis on contour, variation of line, crosshatching, rendering and stippling. A wide range of media such as pencil, charcoal, contè crayon and ink will be used.

ART 1106 — Drawing II: A continuation of Drawing I, this course dives further into media explored in that course with an emphasis on the clothed figure as a subject matter.

ART 2201 — Illustration I: This course introduces students to various commercial artists and illustrators while also teaching them to develop their own style. Pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, scratchboard, pastels, pencil and markers are covered in this class.

ART 2202 — Illustration II: A follow up to Illustration I, this course allows students to explore and refine techniques in illustration using various forms of media. Computers will be introduced as an illustration tool and students will be challenged to develop individual style, creativity, originality and design.

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