Dr. Filipe Muhale gives business students a world of experience

INA, Ill. (Sept. 4, 2019) - A group of Rend Lake College students is getting a first-person view of business sense from a local entrepreneur with a unique operation. RLC’s Introduction to Business class (BUSI 1101) has embarked on a semester-long project to provide students a hands-on look at the ins and outs of running a business by having them consult and provide feedback to one of the district’s small business owners, Dr. Filipe Muhale, founder of Moz Nutraceuticals LLC.

Based in Mt. Vernon, Moz Nutraceuticals LLC is a company that utilizes Muhale’s medical training and research to develop plant-based treatments for a number of conditions.



Muhale presented in front of the class about his business and provided students samples of his products to examine and ask questions about. Currently, his operation markets a diaper rash cream, back and shoulder pain relief cream, neuropathic pain relief cream, breast milk booster, muscle pain relief cream, acne cream and eczema cream that can be purchased through an online store or at The Medicine Shoppe in Mt. Vernon.

RLC Business Associate Professor Mark Jornd hopes to utilize Moz Nutraceuticals LLC throughout the semester, allowing his students an opportunity apply the concepts they are learning into real-life action by advising Muhale, turning the classroom into a think tank, hopefully a win-win for business owner and student.

“This is bound to be a great experience for students to learn by doing.  They will get the opportunity to help a new business using tools and skills that we learn about in the classroom,” said RLC Business Associate Professor Mark Jornd.

Muhale also provides students more than a springboard to apply what they are learning in business class. He also brings a wealth of cultural insight to the students he interacts with. A native of Mozambique while the country was under Portuguese rule, Muhale experienced political unrest in his home country before eventually leaving to study medicine in France and then traveling to the United States to work in research, publishing his findings in professional journals along the way.

He was happy to share those experiences and answer non-businesses-related questions asked by the students in regards to his upbringing and education, granting an eye-opening look at the world outside of Southern Illinois and the United States as a whole.

Muhale even remained after his presentation to participate in the remainder of the class, going so far as working with students in a group project and interacting as a fellow classmate.

For more information about RLC’s Business Program, visit rlc.edu/business or call 618-437-5321.

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