RLC announces Trap Shooting Team

INA, Ill. (Feb. 27, 2019) - Rend Lake College is taking a shot by launching a brand new RLC Trap Shooting Team beginning in the fall 2019 semester. The decision comes on the heels of the surge in sport shooting popularity at the local high school and junior high school level.

RLC’s team will be headed up by Dennis “Doc” Lynch. Lynch has been coaching sport shooting for over a decade, spending the vast majority of his time as Director of Sport Shooting with Hamilton County Unit 10 School District.

“As a retired vocational teacher who enjoys working with our youth, coaching seemed to be the next step for me,” Lynch explained. “I have spent my entire life enjoying some level of shooting. With a large majority of families in Southern Illinois participating in shooting activities, whether it be hunting or recreational shooting, what better sport is there to be a part of and pass on to our youth?”

The Warrior Trap Shooting Team will be co-ed and open to all students at Rend Lake College and any skill level is invited to participate.

Ammunition and registration will be provided by the team. Shooters are expected to provide their own firearm, a 12-guage shotgun. Lynch said the action of the gun does not matter, but he prefers a single-shot break action for most of his shooters. Participants will also need to provide eye and ear protection and a shooting vest.

Team members will be taught the proper and safe use of a firearm, along with the etiquette that will be expected during the competition. Gun mounts, proper footing, shooting position and the ins and outs of shooting competitively will all be part of the program.

Lynch is excited to be part of the new team and hopes to not only bring success in competition, but also in the development of his shooters.

“I have coached several teams and individuals who have succeeded at the state, regional and local levels. To those participants and spectators, that is most likely the highlights they will cherish the most. When a student comes to me with little or no experience with firearms and I teach them proper, safe and intended use of that firearm, while watching them graduate into a very successful and competitive shooter, those are the true highlights of my career and the memories I will cherish,” he said.

The team will practice once a week at the Rend Lake Shooting Complex.

Competition schedule will consist of four to six shoots at the Rend Lake Shooting with two in Sparta at the World Shooting Recreational Complex. If the team qualifies for the state competition, that shoot will be held in Litchfield.

RLC students interested in being part of the team are encouraged to contact Lynch at 618-308-2952 or email him at .

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