Advisory Councils meet at RLC for annual meetings (standalone photos)

INA, Ill. (March 29, 2017) - Nearly 200 local professionals met with Rend Lake College faculty and staff Wednesday during their annual Advisory Council meetings to discuss 39 different programs that fall in Career and Technical Education. The Advisory Members help the college by assessing and counseling each program with what benefits RLC students and graduates.

Click on the images below for larger views. To download high resolution photos, visit RLC's Flickr account.

WeldingAC2017WAgriculture Business, Production & Management, Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Technology and Diesel Technology Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Dave Scott, Rebecca Atkinson, Agriculture Associate Professor Kathy Craig, Robert Zelasko, and Kevin Reagan; BACK ROW, Instructor Colin Jones, Land Lab Supervisor Scott Kistner, Scott Cully, Dennis Epplin, Jerry Kaufmann, Heavy Equipment Technology Associate Professor Zach Vahlkamp, Mike Reichmann, Marc Lamczyk, Agriculture Mechanics and Diesel Technology Professor Mike Burris, Jonathan Krause, and Duane Green.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WArchitectural Technology, Surveying Technology and Computer-Aided Drafting Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Industrial Trainer Matt Jackson, Architectural Technology Professor Kevin Weston, Ryan Piper, Victor Shockley, Van Voyles, Brian Rick, and Michael Mosler.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WAutomotive Technology Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Al Martin, Mike Behrmann, Rickey Trout, Automotive Technology Professor Shannon Perkins, Automotive Technology Professor Nigel Thompson, and George Hopkins Jr.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WBiomedical Electronics Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Brian Chard, Steve Martin, Seth Gandrims, Dave Dykstra, Chris Trapani, Dean of Allied Health Kim Wilkerson, Jesse Glasco, Rosie Cosens, Scott Maze, and Title III Activity Director Sue Cunningham.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WBusiness Advisory Council
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Genevieve Brammeier, Kathy Price, Crystal Summers, and Tony Wielt; BACK ROW, Christie Gajewski, Jonathon Hallberg, and Business Associate Professor Mark Jornd.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WCertified Medical Assistant Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Betty Musgrave, Kelli Stover, Carrie Show, Crystal Knisley, Shianne Gaskin, Lee Bee, Medical Assistant Program Director Nina Goloubeva, Samantha Pulley, Georgia Fletcher, Lisa Crouch, Matthew Sojka, and Derek Johnson.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WCertified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Candy Pankey, Tammy Valette, Chris Kondoudis, Merle Tayler, Christy Carroll, Mariah Minor, CNA Associate Professor Ashley Marthaler, Jodi Schramke, Patty Friar, Julie Hook, and Casey Atteberry.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WComputer Programming Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Sam Chung, Computer Science Associate Professor Brad Helm, and Nathan Raley.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WCosmetology, Barber, Esthetics and Nail Technology Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Director of the RLC MarketPlaceCorey Phillips, Paige Hutchcraft, Cosmetology Associate Professor Daphne Mitchell, Cosmetology Associate Professor Erin Butler, RLC MarketPlace Coordinator Whitney Waldman, Pari Davis, Cosmetology Instructor Melissa Bertschi, Renee Tufts, and Ray Minor.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WCriminal Justice Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Scott Pepples, Julia Schroeder, Assistant Chief of Security Damon Sims, Travis Allen, Instructor Jeff Bullard, and Criminal Justice Associate Professor Ron Meek.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WCulinary Arts Advisory Council
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, RLC Foundation CEO Kay Zibby-Damron, Ravi Karan, Katie Karcher, and Annette Gullidge; BACK ROW, Hollie Colle, Erin House, Culinary Arts Associate Professor Jeff Fairbanks, and Culinary Arts Lead Associate Professor Robert Wilson.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017W Early Childhood Education Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, ECE Professor Tina Grounds, ECE Professor Brenda Heinzmann, Susan Thomas, Kim Lietz, and Dean of Math & Sciences Division Andrea Banach.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WEMT and Paramedic Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Kristina Lorenzini, Christie Foster, Julie Elison and Shane Malawy; BACK ROW, Mike Willis, Robert Hyman, Debbie Sneed, Brad Elison, Clint Taylor, and Patsy Lipe.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WGraphic Design Advisory Council
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Graphic Design Professor Jennifer Tarantino Linsin, Lexi Jamerson, Roxie Richardson, Daniel Beehn, Linda Buhman, and Marketing Specialist Nathan Wheeler; BACK ROW, Wes Kniffen, Connie McNeil, Director of Marketing and Public Information Chad Copple, Danny Robinson, Karen Haile, and Aaron Lewis.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WHealth Information Technology and Medical Coding Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Director of HIT Program Charlotte Henry, Heather Ferguson, Cheryl Klopcic, Vanessa Holman, Elizabeth White, Sandra Hackstadt, Angela Richard, and HIT and Medical Coding Instructor Lora Phillips.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WIndustrial Electronics & Maintenance, Manufacturing and Certified Production Technician Advisory Councils
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Mining Technology Instructor Charles Wingo, Fred Epplin, Computer Networking and Wireless Professor Chris Sink, Mark Drennan, and Kara Andrews; BACK ROW, Don Magnus, Charles Milt, Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy Christina Hutcheson, and Jan Schulze.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WInformation Technology Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Jeremy Jackson, Jeremy Joplin, Adam Powell, Martha McCreery, Computer Networking Professor Ricky Robinson, and Coordinator of Network Operations and Security Kent McKown.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WMining Technology Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Dennis Conner, Mining Technology Instructor Don McBride, Dave Care, and Denzil Hughes.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WNursing Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Lynn Salesberry, Jeanne Stocke, Starla Gwaltney, Angela Murray, Kristin Atchison, Sue Harmon, Diane Randall, Stephanie Langley, Karen Shaw, Dorothy Larsen, Gina McKnelly, Sheila Teriet, Stephanie Maines, Nursing Associate Professor Erica Blumenstock, Kelli Whittington, Director of Nursing Betty Jo Herbert, Marla Wood, and Nursing Associate Professor Kristin Yosanovich.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WOffice Systems Technology Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, OFTC Associate Professor Sarah Bilderbeck, Computer Science Professor Shari Carpenter, and Kristi Rapp.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WPharmacy Technician Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Title III Curriculum Specialist Kathy Evans, Shelly Bethard and Eric Black.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WPhlebotomy Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Farrah Boyd, Barb Scroggins, Nursing Associate Professor Amber Fann, Trisha Collins, Allison Sadler, Judith Courter, Angie Lawson, Bryan Hubner, Lora Bearden.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WRadiologic Technology Advisory Council
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Jenny White, Kelly Wellen, Radiologic Technology Program Director Holly Heisner, and Micalea Goebel; BACK ROW, Genia Nelson, Shannon Browning, Allied Health Division Coordinator Bria Robinson, Annie Dlubala, Devin Fisher, Lyndsey Epplin, Tammy Sartor, Jon Lough, Nate Burgess, and Randy Shields.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WTruck Driver Training Advisory Council
Pictured is, FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT, Bruce Jung, Director of Community & Corporate Education Margo Wagner, and Paula Myers; BACK ROW, David Nordin, Doug Harry, and Krystal Dukes.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WUnmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Chris Collins, Leland Widick, and UAS Instructor Chris Edwards.
(Reece Rutland / RLC Public Information)

WeldingAC2017WWelding Advisory Council
Pictured is, FROM LEFT, Bob Hagerman, Welding Instructor Mike Meinert, and Welding Associate Professor Pete Wilce.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

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