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Authorized Provider Logo Guidelines

Basic Principles and Requirements

These guidelines permit the TC to use the Authorized Provider Logo in limited situations to identify emergency cardiovascular care and CPR courses which it offers pursuant to its contract with the AHA and for which AHA course completion and participation cards can be issued. These guidelines also permit TCs to allow its Training Sites to use the Authorized Provider Logo, so long as the TC ensures that the Training Sites comply with these guidelines. Reference in these guidelines to "Training Sites" means the, TC and Training Sites. It is the responsibility of the TC to manage and control the use of the Authorized Provider Logo according to these guidelines.

Because the Authorized Provider Logo serves to identify the ARA, it cannot be used by the Training Site as a part of its own name or logo. That is why these guidelines will not permit use of the Authorized Provider Logo on building signage, letterhead, business cards, or other items whose primary function is to identify the Training Site or any other entity.
The AHA Signature and Heart-and-Torch Symbol

The AHA owns the American Heart Association name, signature and heart-andtorch logo.

These guidelines do not permit Training Sites to use the American Heart Association signature or heart-and-torch symbol separate from its inclusion in the Authorized Provider Logo.


This document sets forth the standards for use of the Authorized Provider Logo.

The Authorized Provider Logo may only be used by:
- a) Training organizations that have executed a TC Agreement with the AHA only so long as that agreement is in effect.
- b) Training Sites that have been authorized by their TC to use the Authorized Provider Logo.
The Authorized Provider Logo and its usage must conform to AHA standards as set forth in this document.
While these standards apply to individual TCs and their Training Sites, the primary responsibility for enforcing these standards lies with the individual TC.
Violation of these standards by the TC or by any of its Training Sites may result in termination of the TC's contract with the AHA.
These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with the AHA's scientific positions, government regulations and other circumstances. If there are any changes, updated guidelines will be sent to all current TCs with notification of changes and their effective dates. The TC shall be responsible for advising its Training Sites of such changes or updates.
Placement Guidelines

The Authorized Provider Logo must be positioned as follows:

The logo must be used in conjunction with a reference to AHA ECC Courses offered by the Training Sites.
The Authorized Provider Logo must be clearly and visually separated by white space equal to the height of the heart- and -torch in the Authorized Provider Logo from the Training Site's name or from any text or graphic.
The logo cannot be altered or modified in any way.

So that we can assist in the placement and use of the Authorized Provider Logo, the TC must submit samples of all intended uses by the TC and/or any of its Training Sites to the Regional ECC Staff person for review before printing or distribution. Any required changes will be communicated to the TC within 10 working days of receipt of the sample.

Computerized versions (either PC or Macintosh) of the Authorized Provider Logo are available through the ECC extranet website.

©2001 American Heart Association 70-2212
Permissible Uses

The Authorized Provider Logo may be displayed only on the following types of materials:

Schedules of AHA ECC Courses
Announcements of AHA ECC Courses
Brochures regarding AHA ECC Courses.
Flyers about AHA ECC Courses
Posters advertising AHA ECC Courses
AHA ECC Course Advertisements
Electronic or web-based Media announcing or advertising AHA ECC Courses
Telephone directory or Yellow Pages advertising AHA ECC Courses

The Authorized Provider Logo can only be displayed in association with ECC Courses that are taught with AHA materials by authorized AHA training organizations and in accordance with the AHA's current ECC Guidelines.

Prohibited Uses

Under no circumstances may the Authorized Provider Logo be placed on:
Business Cards
Specialty Items (Cups, Pens, T-shirts, etc.)
Supplementary educational materials not published by the AHA, but used by the Training Site or instructors.
Non-AHA textbooks, charts, booklets, course outlines, etc.
Any advertisement or notice that includes non-AHA Courses
Next to the Training Site's name or logo without a clear graphic or space separator to unambiguously indicate that the Authorized Provider Logo is not a part of the Training Site's own identifying name or mark.