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Types of Credit

Credit toward a degree, certificate or program area can be earned in several ways acceptable to the college. 

University parallel credit – Credit earned in courses designed for transfer to another college or four year university and which count toward degrees and certificates at Rend Lake College.

Occupational credit – Credit which is specifically designed for entry into an occupation and may or may not be acceptable as transfer credit toward a four-year baccalaureate degree.

General studies credit – Credit in general studies courses which are not transferable and are unrelated to the pursuit of a degree; this is credit given in self-improvement courses designed to meet the needs of district residents.

Transfer credit – Credit earned at another institution. Students must request that official transcripts from other colleges previously attended be sent to the Director of Student Records for transfer evaluation at least two weeks prior to registering for classes.

Military service credit – Credit awarded for learning experiences during military service. Members and former members of the Armed Services, upon presenting separation papers (DD-214) or Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experiences During Military Service (DD-295), may be granted the following credits:

Military Service College Credit



Basic Training (Minimum 90 days)

2 credit hours – HEA 1101

Active Duty (Minimum 180 days)

2 undistributed credit hours Physical Education in addition to 2 credit hours of Health

Students should contact the Director of Student Records to have the credit evaluated and posted.

Rend Lake College also grants credit for certain experience and training in the military service. Students must request official transcripts be sent to the Director of Student Records for transfer evaluation at least two weeks prior to registering for classes.

You may request your military transcript here:

Illinois State Police Academy Credit

Based upon a recommendation by the Illinois Community College Board, Rend Lake College awards credit for training by the Illinois State Police. A student must present certification that he/she has successfully completed training to the Director of Student Records. A student may receive the following credits:

CRJS 2203 – Police Traffic Functions (3) 
CRJS 2205 – Police Weapons and Defensive Tactics (3) 
PYED 1160 – Aerobic Super-Circuit Fitness Center (1)

Credit by Examination

Students at Rend Lake College are able to earn college credit by examination through one of the following:

  1. CLEP – College-Level Examination Program (see the Registrar
  2. AP – Advanced Placement (see the Registrar)
  3. IB — International Baccalaureate Program (see the Registrar)
  4. Proficiency — Rend Lake College proficiency exams are available for specific Rend Lake College courses (see the Division Dean)

    note iconNo more than 25 % of the credit hours needed for a degree or certificate can be earned by examination, including CLEP, AP, IB or Rend Lake College proficiency exams, or any combination of credit by means other than classroom attendance.

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