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Background Checks

Rend Lake College reserves the right to perform criminal background checks on students participating in certain programs that may place such students into contact with vulnerable populations or as otherwise mandated by external agencies in accordance with state and federal law. Examples of such course offerings are, but are not limited to, cooperative education, internships, practicums, volunteerism, community service, clinicals and observations. Students with relevant criminal histories are hereby notified that their ability to participate and/or complete certain classes, degree programs and post-training employment may be affected by this policy. Degree programs affected by this policy include:

• Associate Degree in Nursing
• Certified Nurse Assisting
• Child Development
• Criminal Justice
• Practical Nursing
• Other programs as necessary

Other courses that may be affected by this policy include:

• COOP 1101 ~ Cooperative Education
• SOCI 2101 ~ Social Problems
• COOP 2101 ~ Cooperative Education
• EDUC 1101 ~ The Teacher’s Role in Education
• VOL 1100 ~ Volunteerism
• Other courses as necessary

Written procedures shall be provided to students which explain the criminal background check requirements and processes for each particular program.

Students not majoring in an Allied Health Department field and attending courses for which background checks are required shall have until the end of the second week of classes in Fall and Spring, first week of classes in Summer, to provide written verification the background checking process has been initiated. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the student from the course or courses involved in the program requiring the background check. The Division Chair shall advise Allied Health students of verification deadlines. Written evidence of the results of a non-disqualifying criminal history is required prior to participation in any practicum, observation or clinical experiences. Records maintained as a result of criminal background checks shall be available for student inspection upon request. Any student experiencing delays in the background check process will be granted a withdrawal with a refund of tuition and fees paid for the term up to the last advertised date of the class or classes being taken for the program requiring the background check.

Documents pertaining to criminal background checks for applicable students (except Allied Health students) shall be maintained in confidential files in the Vice President of Instruction’s office. Allied Health student files will be maintained in the Allied Health Division office.

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