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Academic Policy 

Rend Lake College offers programs that include courses in general education; adult education courses; courses in career and technical fields leading directly to employment; community service and continuing education programs, and college preparatory programs that meet the needs of students deficient in fundamental skills.

General Education Statement

General Education is one way in which students prepare to function in a diverse and changing world. Our students are expected to demonstrate the competencies outlined in the institutional outcomes and by the student’s respective program outcomes as well as the following:

  • Knowledge - It is important for students to have a knowledge base from a variety of disciplines. In addition to demonstrating an understanding of the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of their specific programs, students should be able to demonstrate basic and broad knowledge of science, social science, math and the arts.
  • Skills - With a broad-based knowledge, students should have specific skills. In addition to the institutional outcomes of effective oral and written communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the modes of discovery, cooperate as a member of a team to complete assignments and use applicable technology proficiently.
  • Values - In an evolving global society, students will benefit from the ability to formulate their own values while remaining open-minded to the views of others. Students should be able to demonstrate an awareness of a wide range of perspectives as well as have opportunities to appreciate and understand the fine arts and to explore individual values in a multi-cultural world.

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