Providing lifelong learning for more than five decades, Rend Lake College has achieved a lot. It's all credited to the quality and devotion of our students, faculty, staff and administration. RLC remains committed, every day, to every student. Below is a collection of achievements that have made us a regional leader through higher education.


Academic Achievement


FY22 Honors Lists Honors Lists

About 400 RLC students earn a spot on the President's List (4.0 GPA) or Vice President's List (3.5 - 3.9 GPA) each semester

Source: RLC Fact Book FY22

FY22 Earned ChartCredit

Our students' recent success rate is about 93% in gaining credit for classes they take. 

  • Spring 2022 – 93.46%
  • Fall 2021 – 92.96%
  • Spring 2021 – 94.27%
  • Spring 2017 = 95.5%
  • Fall 2016 = 95.6%
  • Summer 2016 = 96.7% 

Source: RLC Fact Book FY22

Class Sizes FY22 pie chartClass Size

Keeping class sizes small allows us to give each student the attention he or she deserves. Our average instructor-to-student ratio is 17 to 1.

Source: RLC Fact Book FY22




ccsse keyfindings 3 icon

The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) Key Findings report provides benchmark comparisons between RLC, top-performing colleges, and the CCSSE cohort. It also highlights aspects of highest and lowest student engagement at RLC, as well as results from five CCSSE special-focus items.

RAMP 3 icon

RLC submits its annual Resource Allocation Management Plan (RAMP) to the Illinois Community College Board. This is a type of "wish list" for possible state funding. Projects on RLC's RAMP list currently include a new Allied Health Building, and additions to the Student Center and Applied Science Center.

master plan 3 icon
Master Plan

The purpose of District Site and Construction Master Plan is to provide direction in the growth of the College’s built environment. The plan shall serve as the guideline for acquiring new sites and facilities and for the construction of new facilities on the existing Rend Lake College campuses.



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