terry wilkerson dir 2

Terry Wilkerson
[email protected]
Administration Building Room 126
Phone Ext. 1242
President's Contract Documents

President's Goals & Responsibilities

1. Provide overall leadership and unity of efforts for the total college program
2. Oversee and maintain the financial well-being of the college
3. Assume overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining an adequate public relations program
4. Oversee preparation for Higher Learning Commission review of the college and subsequent accreditation
5. Provide adequate information and opportunity for board development and preparation of supporting materials.
6. Participate in statewide activities and organizations relative to the college mission.
7. Maintain an active and visual presence in the communities of the district through local events and gatherings


angie kistner dir 2

Angie Kistner
Vice President of Finance & Administration
[email protected]
Administration Building Room 163
Phone Ext: 1221

lori ragland dir 2

Lori Ragland
Vice President of Instruction & Student Affairs
[email protected]
Administration Building Room 136
Phone Ext: 1200


Associate VP of CTE and Student Support
Phone Extension: 1775
Building: Learning Resource Center
Office: 129
M.B.A. & B.A., Webster University | A.A.S., Kaskaskia College
Associate VP of Institutional Outreach
Phone Extension: 1237
Building: Administration
Office: 137
2009 RLCF OUTSTANDING STAFF AWARD | Ph.D., Indiana Institute of Technology | M.A.Ed., McKendree University | B.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale | A.S., Rend Lake College
Dean of Enrollment Services
Phone Extension: 1293
Building: Administration
Office: 108
M.S. Ed., Southern Illinois University | B.A., Eastern Illinois University
Associate VP of Academic & Student Services
Phone Extension: 1790
Building: Administration
Office: 110
M.S.Ed. & B.S., Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale | A.A., Rend Lake College
Dean of Applied Science & Technology
Phone Extension: 1292
Building: Advanced Technology Center
Office: 138
M.S. & B.S., Southern Illinois University
Dean of Facilities Management & Campus Operations
Phone Extension: 1319
Building: Maintenance Building
Dean of Allied Health
Phone Extension: 1777
Building: South Oasis
Office: 116
M.A.Ed., McKendree University | B.S., Midwestern State University
Dean of Community & Corporate Education
Phone Extension: 1367
Building: Student Center
Office: 207
M.S.Ed., Eastern Illinois University | B.S., Southern Illinois University
Dean of Student Success and Development
Phone Extension: 1331
Building: Administration
Office: 139
B.S. Greenville University
Executive Director - Administrative Services
Phone Extension: 1243
Building: Administration
Office: 126
A.A. & A.S., John A. Logan College
Dean of Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1258
Building: North Oasis
Office: 145
M.S. Eastern Illinois University | B.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Chief Financial Officer
Phone Extension: 1216
Building: Administration
Office: 164
M.P.A. & B.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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