RLC Mission Statement


Rend Lake College’s philosophy outlines the manner in which the college fulfills its mission:

The College is committed to offering programs and services of the highest quality that are affordable to its constituents. The College will maintain a student-friendly atmosphere, making its services as accessible as possible. Courses and programs offered by the College will be transferable or lead to attractive employment opportunities. The College will provide these programs and services in an effective manner while maintaining financial responsibility.


The mission statement is the essential purpose of the college from which all college activities originate:

Rend Lake College provides educational opportunities across cultural and economic boundaries to the diverse student population that we serve. In addition to our commitment to fulfill all our education and community-focused program objectives, we are committed to every degree-completing student demonstrating the fundamental skills of effective critical thinking, problem-solving, oral communication, and written communication. In fulfilling its mission, Rend Lake College will be an active leader in our region’s development. Our students’ success is our own success.

Institutional Outcomes

Rend Lake College has adopted four essential learner outcomes, fundamental learning objectives embedded in every program of study, that all degree-completing students should be able to demonstrate. They are as follows:

Critical Thinking: Demonstrate the ability to think in a self-directed, reflective manner when understanding, evaluating and solving problems.

Problem-Solving: Demonstrate the ability to resolve computational problems.

Oral Communication: Demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively through verbal and non-verbal language.

Written Communication: Demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively through written language.

General Education Statement

To be educated and worthy of a diploma is not only a mastery of one discipline area or technical skill, but also includes learning a broad range of knowledge and skill sets. General Education is one way in which students prepare to function in a diverse and changing world. Upon graduation, a degree-completing student will be expected to demonstrate the competencies outlined in the college’s mission and by the student’s respective program outcomes as well as the following:

• Knowledge

It is important for students to have a knowledge base from a variety of disciplines. In addition to demonstrating an understanding of the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of their specific programs, degree-completing students will demonstrate basic and broad knowledge of science, social science, math and the arts.

• Skills

With a broad-based knowledge, students should have specific skills. In addition to the institutional outcomes of effective oral and written communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, degree-completing students will demonstrate an understanding of the modes of discovery, co-operate as a member of a team to complete assignments and use applicable technology proficiently.

• Values

In an evolving global society, students will benefit from the ability to formulate their own values while remaining open-minded to the views of others. Degree-completing students will demonstrate an awareness of a wide range of perspectives as well as have opportunities to appreciate and understand the fine arts and to explore individual values in a multi-cultural world.

Who We Are and Who We Serve

Who We Are and Who We Serve

Who We Are

The college history and other background documents define the college from the perspective of organization and assets; however, the personnel that operate within the college systems and manage those assets are the primary element for successful education. Rend Lake College believes that all employees, regardless of their job description, are part of each student’s education. Administrative, community outreach, student service, and physical plant personnel all support the student learning process. Our instructors are primary points of contact with the Rend Lake College educational experience. These educators are generally organized into five divisions: Allied Health; Applied Science & Technology; Community & Corporate Education; Liberal Arts; and Math & Sciences. Whether in a supporting role or as a direct point of contact, each college employee draws upon professional expertise and academic accomplishment in the hope of success for every student.

Who We Serve

Student-centered colleges are best defined by who they serve. An understanding of the distinctiveness of our college’s student population allows us to effectively meet the goals of our programs and succeed in our mission.

Diversity of Culture

Traditionally, Rend Lake College can be characterized as serving a relatively homogenous rural, small town culture. This population’s cultural distinctiveness was centered on age and socio-economic status more than diverse ethnic origin. As Rend Lake College has broadened its programs and the mobility of Americans has diversified the ethnic origin of district students, the college recognizes that many cultural distinctions are found in our student population:

• Age • Race / Ethnicity• Gender • Socioeconomic Status• Disability

Diversity of Purpose

Rend Lake College provides general education to traditional and non-traditional students who will transfer to universities after their first two years. We provide training to those wishing to learn a skill or trade that will ensure gainful employment and economic success. We also serve those wishing to find personal fulfillment and growth by taking community and general education classes at Rend Lake College. Often, a student’s purpose for attending is a combination of all of these:

• General Education, Transfer • Community Education
•Career-Technical Transfer, Certification, Retraining
• Personal Growth

Diversity of Origin

The majority of the student population we serve is comprised of in-district, on-campus traditional and non-traditional students; however, reciprocal agreements, state-wide educational programs, and expansion of our dual-credit high school classes have increased the scope of origin of our students:

• In-District High School Dual Credit Students
• Out-Of-District Students• International Students
  • Traditional & Non Traditional Students

Common Outcome

Regardless of the diverse cultural backgrounds, purposes and origins of our students, Rend Lake College serves each student equally with its open admission policy and an equal opportunity for success. Furthermore, the shared commitment by student, faculty and staff to meet all the expected institutional, general education and program objectives unifies all those that Rend Lake College serves.

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