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First Aid

First aid given promptly and effectively can save lives. Often, it can assist in the prevention of minor injuries deteriorating into serious injuries. In many incidents or accidents, it could be the only treatment necessary, such as in the case of a minor cut or abrasion.
Call Ext. 1911 or (618) 525-1911 for first aid.

Medical Emergency

first aid

If you witness a medical emergency:
Call Ext. 1911 or (cell) 525-1911
Give as much information as you can:
Time, place, what happened, number involved, etc.
Stay at the site until help arrives.

Campus Police
Phone Numbers: Office (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1911 | Cell (618) 525-1911 | Safety Office (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1212 
Email: [email protected]
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Campus Police
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Campus Police

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