Human Resources & Relations Manager


Job Description


The Human Resources and Relations Manager is responsible for performing HR-related duties on a professional level and reports to the President and VP of Sales & Marketing. This position carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: benefits administration, employee relations, training, performance management, onboarding, policy implementation, payroll, and recruitment/employment. This role serves both office and production team members.


Under direction of the President and Vice President:

  1. Acts as liaison between team members and company policies and procedures to make certain employees are given the opportunity to contribute to and share in the company’s success.
  2. Develops and implements company policies and procedures for the management of human resources including but not limited to the recruitment and retention of employees, record keeping, and adherence to government regulation.
  3. Coaches and develops Silkworm leadership, providing guidance on areas of employee discipline, employee motivation, and adherence to policies as set forth by Silkworm.
  4. Coaches and develops team members in order to develop high performing employees.
  5. Manages the Human Resource records such as timecards, attendance, payroll, and benefits.
  6. Provides guidance and upkeep of compensation practices.
  7. Organizes, tracks and provides guidance on performance management practices (includes reviews and setting performance goals).
  8. Fosters team building and morale building exercises or events.
  9. Trains team leaders on human resource policies and procedures.
  10. Works with the Director of Business Operations to promote workplace safety, update the SDS Binders, manage team injuries and crisis situations (fire, tornado, etc.)
  11. Organizes, updates and replenishes the Positive Change program.
  12. Maintains the First Aid program/supplies.
  13. Orders appropriate “gifts” for congratulations, funerals, anniversaries, hospitals visits, and other major events/milestones.
  14. Performs New Hires/Orientation Process and Exit Interview Process
  15. Oversees Events including, but not limited to, company picnic, family feasts, Christmas party, implementation meetings, and safety trainings.
  16. Fosters human resource practices consist with the culture of Silkworm, Inc.
  17. Manages Employee Files, New Hire Packets, and HRR Forms.
  18. Maintains flexibility to perform related work as required.
  19. Understands and represents Silkworm Values and Mission.



Education/Experience: Any combination of education and experience that would provide the required skill and knowledge for successful performance would be qualifying. Typical qualifications would be equivalent to:

  1. Possession of a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university, and
  2. Four years experience of progressive responsibility in leadership.
  3. Three to five years of experience in HR generalist responsibilities, including but not limited to: payroll functions, policy and procedure implementation, coaching team members and leaders, recruitment and retention, separation procedures, tasks related to areas of employment law such as FMLA, OSHA practices/procedures, unemployment procedures and disciplinary coaching.

Knowledge of: Human Resource principles and procedures; research techniques; modern office practices, procedures, methods and equipment; principles and practices of organization; Employment Law practices; coaching of leaders and team members; administration and leadership; operating principles, methods and practices of computers and related equipment; computer software including but not limited to Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and database systems.

Skill at: Planning, organizing, coordinating, assigning, delegating, and reviewing a complex operation of Human Resource and Business Development responsibilities; interpreting and applying appropriate laws and regulations; operating computer equipment and software; communicating clearly and concisely orally and in writing; relating to a diverse group of individuals.

Desirable Qualifications: Positive attitude, motivating, organized, professional, adaptable.

How to Apply

You can apply online at www.silkwormink.com/careers or download a print version of the job application to apply in person at 102 S Sezmore Dr. Murphysboro, IL.

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