Quick Computer Courses


One day or two evening quick computer workshops are scheduled throughout the year.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels are available. Quick computer workshops are offered at the Rend Lake College Marketplace in Mt. Vernon and the Murphy-Wall Pinckneyville Campus.

Check back for our Fall 2015 Schedule!

CSCI 1612Beginning MS Word Learn the fundamentals of word processing using Microsoft Word. Discover how to use the menu system and toolbars; open, reopen, print, save and close documents; insert/delete text, reverse an edit operation, apply font attributes to text, and move text blocks. Be trained how to use Spelling/Grammar Checker, Thesaurus, the Help menu, and how to customize the AutoCorrect dictionary

CSCI 1616Beginning MS Excel Make working with numbers as easy as 1-2-3 by learning the fundamental operations of spreadsheets. Learn how to use the menu system and toolbars; open, reopen, print and close workbooks; and enter labels. Discover the secrets to adding values and formulas into worksheets, formatting spreadsheets by adjusting the size of columns/rows, using borders/shading, and changing the page setup.

CSCI 1617Intermediate MS Excel Take your Excel skills to the next level by broadening your knowledge of spreadsheets. Learn helpful tips about working with large sheets. Discover how to add dramatic graphics and how to make professional spreadsheets with easy to use templates. Find out how to protect workbooks and manage multiple-sheet works. Understand the secrets to creating those time-saving links and hyperlinks, and become skilled at creating professional looking tables and outlines.

CSCI 1618Advanced MS Excel Become the Excel guru at your work by broadening your knowledge of spreadsheets. Wow them by learning how to create PivotTables and amazing Macros. Discover how to utilize the Financial, Data Analysis, Auditing and other functions. Learn more advanced formatting and how to use analysis tools. Find out how to collaborate in Excel and how to integrate Excel with other programs.

CSCI 1620Beginning MS PowerPoint Learn how to use PowerPoint, a software program that will assist you in creating impressive presentations. You'll create slides that contain text, objects, animation, slide transitions, sounds, charts, outlines, media clips, clip art, and hyperlinks.

CSCI 1624Computer Basics Are you nervous about learning the computer? Don’t be…there’s never been a better time to learn how to use the computer. This class makes it easy by helping you learn the basics of operating a computer using Microsoft Windows and Word. Learn about word processing features to prepare letters and reports. Discover how to modify system settings, how to save documents and how to utilize files and folders. Learn how to utilize Internet browsers and search engines. Discover how easy it is to send and receive email, what a snap it is to download and upload files, and how to protect your computer’s security.

CSCI 1625Beginning MS Access Be trained how to use this database software to help manage, store, search, analyze, and display important information about your business, home, or community. Learn how to add records and format datasheets. Discover how to retrieve, preview, and print data. See how easy it is to build a database and create a table. Learn how to maintain and document a database. This versatile program will have you thinking about all the things it can help organize.

CSCI 1694Beginning QuickBooks Make your accounting effortless by learning how to use QuickBooks. Discover how to set up a chart of accounts, reconcile your checking account, create/print invoices, receipts/statements, track your income, expenses, inventory, and generate reports.

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